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The Mormon built Monument at Mountain meadows is the most obvious cover-up. It is a cover up for many reasons. First of all the Monument at Mountain Meadows was built to appease the descendants of the victims of the wagon train. The church realized with the newly formed group of what is known as the Mountain Meadows Association with a large Mormon membership of descendants of the Mormon Participants it could easily control the organization.
Burr Fancher, President of the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation said it best, "The Mormons owning the massacre site and the Monument site is like having the fox guard the hen house".
They built a beautiful "Mormon Monument" . A Rock Cairn with a no cross, as was originally placed there when Major James H. Carlton, built the first rock cairn in April of 1859 . Since there is no cross, there is no sign on the cross stating "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord an I will repay".
President Gordon Bitner Hinckley CEO and 15th Prophet of the Church did not want to place the Cross there even though the victims were christians. He doesn't care about the victims they have all been baptized post humously into the Mormon faith. Most people of course would really want to be a member of the LDS faith after being shot, throat slit and bludgeoned to death by a member of the Mormon church. The members of the wagon train were true Christians and did not believe in the false gospel of posthumous baptism.
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“Forgiveness measures the love we have for one another”

Mormon Excuses for the Massacre
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Brigham Young went down to the site approximately six months after the Cairn had been built and had the cross and rock cairn torn down desecrating the grave site. He read the sign and said. "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord and I taken a little". President Hinckley, of course, doesn't know that, even though there were witnesses, but out of respect to the second Prophet of the LDS church does not want to put the cross and the sign back up. The Christian cross is a "vile" symbol to Mormons.
The Mormons do not celebrate the crucifixion and detest the cross as the suffering of Jesus Christ. It absolutely makes no difference to President Hinckley that the victims were Christians and that the cross is the symbol of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for their sins. This is a vicious and demeaning thing that President Hinckley and members of the Mormon church has done to the poor souls whose bones rest at that site.
The Monument at Mountain Meadows does not tell the true story and is a monument to the Moron church and a cover-up for the Mormon Participants.
A LDS Interpretive Center for the site is surely in the works because as proven in the past President Hinckley doesn't do anything that will not provide a tithing income.
NOTE: Since President Gordon Bitner Hinckley (June 23, 1910 – January 27, 2008), has assumed room temperature, we will assume that the new leaders will continue the Church's self serving attitude.
Further President Hinckley, has denied any church evolvement in the massacre implying that John D. Lee single handedly killed all the members of the wagon train, and he was executed for that crime. According to President Hinckley no one else was involved.
Gordon B. Hinckley continues the 100 year old tradition of avoiding taking any official church stand on any matter. On live TV he continues to make statements such as "That was in the past, we go forward", and, "I don't know that we teach that."
We the descendants, Lee descendants and normal and prudent persons realize that John D. Lee had to have help in this crime. Most Mormons to this day believe their most beloved President and CEO without question and following without question is what turned their Mormon bothers into cold blooded killers in Mountain Meadows.
"No one can explain what happened in these meadows 142 years ago. We may speculate, but we do not know," Hinckley said at the 1999 Monument Dedication. "We do not understand it. We cannot comprehend it. We can only say that the past is long since gone."
What President Hinckley also carefully avoids and pretends that he know nothing about is the church's vault. There are ledgers in the vault that indicates where certain deposits came from such as the Mountain Meadows Massacre bounty. There are many historical documents in the vault that tell of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints dengy past. President Hinckley will not provide these documents he would just as soon say a simple, "I don't know".
As CEO of the Mormon Church President Hinckley is very happy that the past is long since gone and the accrued interest on the take in the murder and robbery has increased. Especially from the gold that was hidden in the floor boards of the wagons. Although according to President Hinckley the church had nothing to do with the murder and robbery they had no problem placing the entire take in the tithing room at the Cedar City Ward.
According to reports Brigham Young was seen driving one of the fancy wagons from the wagon train around Salt Lake City approximately 6 months after the Murder and Robbery. Not even mentioning the fact that some articles of furniture observed in Brigham Young's summer home are made of wood indigenous to Arkansas .
Mr. Hinckley knows all too well as do the LDS tour guides that take the public through the museum in Saint George that the Saints in southwestern Utah , at the time of the massacre, were going through hard times because of failing crops. Mr. Hinckley also knows that Brigham Young had his hands full will disgruntled saints fleeing the Theocracy.
Mr. Hinckley also has probable knowledge Brigham Young and his trusted adopted son John D. Lee had knowledge that there were Mormon apostate refugees in the wagon train attempting to escape the Theocracy. Brigham Young's penalty for attempted escape from the theocracy by a Saint was an offense punishable through blood atonement. Major John Higbee cut the throat of one such apostate that was still wearing his endowment garment.
Mr. Hinckley also has possible knowledge that John D. Lee was Brigham Young's favorite hit man, along with being a great believer in Blood Atonement. John D. Lee, as documented in his own writings, had a long record of being “used and abused” by Brigham Young.
John D. Lee's background as a Danite in Missouri and Illinois made him an old hand at cold blooded murder.
Below is a comment found left in the my guest book that was rather fitting synopsis to this commentary:
The Quote, “Forgiveness measures the love we have for one another” means little. For a religion to truly be forgiven it would have to acknowledge the rolls that Young and his associates played in this terrible miss-guided tragedy, Until the LSD church gets their head out of the sand and openly admits Young and his associates ordered this, how could the LSD religion be forgiven. An example would be a person going before the parole board to be released early but does not show any remorse, or acknowledge their crime they certainly would not be released would they? - Anonymous
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